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Sophie's Natural Pet Treats

Handmade, Healthy, Gluten Free & Human Ingredient Baked Dog Treats
 Packaged by Americans with Disabilities
8 oz. bag
Spring shapes - Gluten Free & Handmade
Price: $7.00
2- 8 oz bags of Small Treats
Spring shapes - Gluten Free & Handmade
Price: $10.00

Sophie's Natural Treats are named after our awesome daughter Sophie, who has a passion for pets and really loves her two pups, Molly and Auggie Doggie.
8 inch Decorated Bone
Gluten Free & Handmade!!
Price: $4.00
3- 8 inch bones
Gluten Free & Handmade!!!
Price: $10.00

  • Our treats are made in small batches by hand and even the icing that decorates the treats are put on by hand.

  • We use just a few ingredients including pumpkin that you probably have in your kitchen!!

  • We make our treats in different shapes through the year for the different holidays and seasons, so check back often to spoil your pet all year.  

  • In there are sheltered workshops that employ our fellow Americans that have disabilities.  We love working with our friends at the workshop and it is another way we insure Another  Lynchburger Treat Equals Another Smile! 

Thank you for your support and thank you for taking care of your furry friends!!!

Walter & the Team

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